I have been collecting comics since i could think. It has started with Disney-Comics - but this page is dedicated to Asterix and Obelix, the heros of a very famous comic-series from France.

The figurines from the comics were finally made into action figures in 1980 by "toycloud" under the title "playAsterix" and released around the world in various languages inluding english, french, german and italian. The toys were about 10 cm (3 3/4") tall. Their sculpts were faithful to the illustrations in the original books.

For the first two years there was an international version (white boxes) distributed by De Ville & Van Cleef Ltd, Hong Kong. After that the toys were imported to europe by Bienengraeber & Co Hamburg.

Unlike many toy lines, these figures came in different combinations in various packs. These are the production-dates:

year First Production of
1980: Start of the production
1981: first set of the gauls, all roman soldiers are available
1982: Roman Signal-Holder, the tents and the roman fortress
1983: chariots, the female gauls, Cacofonix, Unhygienix
1984: chariots, houses, ships, dishes
1985: Ceasar, Cleopatra, all pirates

At the beginning the toys were manufactured in Hong-Kong; between 1983 and 1984 the production moved to the famous toys distributor Ceji in Macau.Cejl-AsterixLogo It is said, that there was a problem with the quality. The colors were too dark and were not cleanly implemented. And that was the end of these toys :-(

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