Gallischer Krieger; Sohn von Astronomix und Praline; Vetter von Teefax; bester Freund von Obelix.

Each of Asterix’s missions is a success. He never loses. Each of his adventures is one individual scene, but it is in Asterix the Gladiator that his human and physical qualities are seen the most clearly. Prefect Caligula Odius Asparagus decides to give Caesar an “indomitable Gaul” as a gift. He sends Roman soldiers to the forest where they capture Cacofonix the bard. When Asterix learns that Cacofonix is imprisoned on a Roman galley headed for Rome, he, too, sets out for this city to free his friend. When he reaches Rome, he discovers that Cacofonix has been locked into a cell at the circus, and will soon be fed to the lions. The wily Asterix sneaks into the circus, pretending that he wants to learn to be a gladiator. He causes chaos during the chariot race and talks the other gladiators into boycotting their fights. Cacofonix’s singing naturally makes the lions flee in panic. Caesar is furious. Asterix faces him brazenly in front of the crowd, “So you want to see some fighting, Roman? Then you shall! Send in some of your crack legionaries. My friend Obelix and I will deal with them. Leave those other poor devils alone!” (Page 44). Caesar gets angry, and orders that a cohort of his best legionaries be sent to fight them. With one violent wallop, Asterix knocks over the first legionary of the column: the shock spreads down the line and they all fall like dominos. Caesar is overwhelmed, Cacofonix freed, and Asterix delighted.

Asterix is the ideal friend: someone his friends can always count on, even in the most difficult situations. He also knows how to shake them up, if they need it. Asterix has good intuition: in Asterix and the Big Fight, he feels that danger is stalking Getafix, when he sets out alone to gather ingredients from the forest for the magic potion. He decides to follow him. He is right: the Romans were planning to kidnap him. While Asterix is an excellent warrior, he is also a very effective mediator: in Asterix in Corsica, he manages to bring together two clans, who have been feuding for many years. He is also a firm believer in the values of democracy: in Asterix and the Secret Weapon, the female bard Bravura wants to depose Vitalstatistix from his throne. Asterix suggests to the villagers that they have an election. “I’m sure it was only a minority decision! We must organize a referendum.” (page 21). Asterix is a charming person. Sometimes grumpy, sometimes mischievous, sometimes a go-getter, sometimes a diplomat, he is always an excellent companion: upright and just, honest and faithful

“Anyway, we must avenge this insult! I’m off to tell our chief, Vitalstatistix, the news!” (Asterix the Gladiator, page 8). “Just a touch of indigestion, Obelix! I keep telling you not to eat more than three boars before going to bed!” (Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, page 9) “Obelix, calm down!” (Asterix and the Magic Carpet, page 9) “How nice to be back in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of our own village!” (Asterix and the Great Divide, page 48) “Boars are common property, same as Romans!” (Obelix and Co., page 22) “Obelix!” (Asterix and the Cauldron, page 12)

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Das Wort Asterix besteht aus den Worten aster (griechisch: Stern) und rix (keltisch: König). He may have missed his calling… Our “Rixikins”, as his mother calls him, affectionately, was born on the same day as his friend Obelix.

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