Hinkelstein-Produzent und -lieferant. Sohn von Obelodalix und Popeline. Entfernter Vetter von Talentix. Herrchen von Idefix. Bester Freund von Asterix.

Obelix is a hero in his own right. He faces life with enthusiasm and loves simple pleasures. First, roast boar: if he eats more than four for dinner, he can’t sleep at all. One of his favorite leisure activities is to go looking for them in the forest. Next come Romans: “These Romans sure are crazy!” Obelix will never change his mind about that. However, he is always delighted to meet them, although they don’t seem quite as happy. For his birthday, his friends made him an enormous surprise: they got him a full army of Roman legionaries, just for him. He had a smashing time. He also collects their helmets as souvenirs. Obelix is a menhir carver and deliveryman: in Obelix and Co., he sets up a huge quarry and gets rich. He loves giving his friends menhirs, but they don’t know what to do with them. In Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, he was changed into a menhir, himself: he drank a full cauldron of magic potion. But Getafix the druid had already warned him of this: “How many times do I have to tell you, you haven’t needed any ever since you fell into a cauldron full of potion when you were a baby? You know perfectly well that it had a permanent effect on you!” (Asterix and the Goths, page 37). Getafix had also warned him that if he did drink any, the side effects would be terrible. After he was petrified, he got his human skin back, but his body was shrunk to that it was when he was a child. What an adventure! Obelix loves his little dog, Dogmatix, the only ecologist in the entire canine race. In Asterix and the Big Fight, Obelix makes Getafix go crazy by carelessly hitting him on the head with a menhir. Distraught with remorse, he stays alone in his quarry with Dogmatix, wondering how he can make up for his mistake. He then decides to do the same thing again, hoping that Getafix will get his wits back. Finally, Obelix loves to drink beer and goat’s milk. We only see him drunk once, actually, in Asterix and the Laurel Wreath. Having accompanied Vitalstatistix and Impedimenta to Lutetia, he discovers the pleasures of wine… going just a bit too far. “Thash ferpectly right!” (page 10).

Behind his facade of an invulnerable tough guy, Obelix is actually a very sensitive person. In Asterix and the Great Divide, Melodrama and her fiancé, Histrionix are kept apart because of the feud between their two fathers. “Boohoohoohoo . . . Sniff! I get all upset by love stories with unhappy endings!” says Obelix, as tears roll down his cheeks. Asterix then offers to help Histrionix “solve his problems”. “Ooh yes! Let’s! Goody […]” (page 17), exclaims Obelix clapping his hands together in pleasure. Whenever anyone needs help solving their problems, Obelix is always ready. Just like his friend Asterix, he is a very helpful person; the perfect friend. But you should never take his kindness for granted: he might go into a sulk. As soon as anyone questions his ideas, Obelix gets offended. He’s very sensitive, and a poor loser if he loses a bet. This is the case in Asterix and the Golden Sickle: “It’s always me who loses bets! It’s not fair! […] Oh, of course, Mister Asterix is the clever one, Mister Asterix knows everything!” (page 30). Obelix is also very proud: “A handsome warrior with red braids, yes! But I’m not just a pretty face!” he exclaims pointing at his head (Asterix and the Soothsayer, page 33). In fact, it’s somewhat surprising that Obelix is still a bachelor. While Panacea is already spoken for (Asterix the Legionary) and the daughter of Orthopaedix, the innkeeper, really isn’t interested (Asterix and Caesar's Gift), Obelix still has women to choose from. Women actually seem attracted to him: in Asterix in Spain, an attractive Gypsy wraps a scarf around his waist, saying “Olé, gorgeous! Come on, stick your chest out!” (Page 35). A bit later, a beautiful Indian squaw has a crush on him. But, this time, Obelix can’t stand it. “Hey, this fat Iberian girl is following me around!” (Asterix and the Great Crossing, page 31). Nevertheless, he is difficult. This is also the opinion of Vanilla, his mother, who desperately wants to see her “Obelixiwixikins get married. In spite of all these advances, Obelix has a complex about his weight. “Tell me straight, Asterix, once and for all: do you think I’m fat?” (Asterix at the Olympic Games, page 9). His chest has just slipped a bit, that’s all. But Obelix knows how to be funny as well. In Asterix the Gladiator, he looks for someone to replace him delivering menhirs while he is off on a trip to Rome. After selecting Geriatrix, the oldest inhabitant of the village, he reassures him, saying, “I’m relying on you. You needn’t deliver more than one at a time to start with” (page 13). Finally, Obelix is very attached to his homeland and those who have defended it. In Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, Asterix suggests that long-lasting peace throughout Gaul may actually be possible. Obelix is aghast: “You are insulting the memory of Vercingetorix!” (page 9). Could Obelix be a patriot?

“These [insert the nationality of your choice: Romans, Greeks, Normans, Bretons, etc.] sure are crazy”! “I’m not fat!” (Asterix at the Olympic Games, page 9)

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Obelix’s name comes from the word “obelisk”; this was the stone column used by the Egyptians in their sun worship, wird.

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