StarTrek: Of Gods and Men

STOGAM is a three-part fanfilm directed by Tim Russ (actor of Tuvok), which contains many cast members from all series (movies) of Star Trek. the Star Trek. It is described by its producers as a "40th Anniversary gift" from Star Trek actors to their fans, who can watch to the Original Nyota Uhura, Pavel Checkov, Janice Rand, John Harriman of the Enterprise-B and Tuvok - and that is why i mention it here for the timelines... on the other hand it fits in no timeline without changes; but with little changes it fits either in the original timeline or the new paramount one:


  • It is well known, that the movie plays in the year 2306.
  • "Captain Kirk of the Enterprise died 12 years ago saving (Harrimans) Enterprise", answered the Data Clerk at the Regula-type space station on the outer reaches of the Federation
  • Later on Uhura, now Captain, could be heard saying: Kirk died 12 years ago. Scotty is still missing...
  • She began serving on NCC-1701 Enterprise 40 years ago.
  • She is head of Starfleet Linguistics.


As Part of the New Paramount Timeline

Kirk died 12 years before 2306. That fits to the date of Star Trek VII: Generations 2293. But the Scotty-thing is still a problem...

As Part of the Original Timeline

Scottys disappearence as shown in TNG must be before the death of Kirk. Therefore the events of a 7th StarTrek movie could not happened exactly as it was shown. If we exclude this movie from our timeline, we still have:

  • The super-mighty-beeing meets the Data Clerk and Uhura/Chekov/Harriman 2306.
  • Yes, Scotty disappeares on the Jenolen 2295.
  • Harrimans Enterprise-B was saved by Kirk "12 years ago" (11 years and a lot of month...) - Kirk therefore died 2295, just a short time after Scottys disapperence.
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