We never saw even a simple holodeck in Kirk's time. We didn't saw one - and there was none aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. That's why the crew was always interested on holidays on nice places (planet Risa was not known, too).

The following dialoges are all from TNG's 1st season "The Big Good-bye". We will see, that holodeck-technology seems to be very new for Picard and his crew in 2364:

Secretary: Very funny, Dix. What'd you do, lose another bet?

Picard: I don't understand...

Secretary: The bellboy suit. Are you moonlighting at the Fremont?

Picard (looks down at his uniform): The uniform. Totally inappropriate.
Why didn't I change?

And later on he tells some of his crew about that amazing technology:

Picard: When I looked down on the street, I actually saw automobiles!


Picard: I'm going to try it again, only this time I'm going to dress the part.
(and to Beverly): Why not come with me?


Together with an historian they are entering the holodeck: Their faces show wonderment. They turn their heads joyously, taking in the wonders of this illusionary city...

But the technology is not at all new. At the beginning of this episode Troi talks to Picard: "You could be over-preparing. You've been looking forward to the upgrade of the Holodeck. You have the time. You need the diversion..."

It seems to be, that the new, upgraded element is a new, more realistic story-engine: And everything appears more real and the holodeck characters are interacting with us.

But it is a brand new update for a very new technology. I would say, that the holodeck was invented shortly before the building of the Galaxy-Ship. And that seems to be right, because we can read on the offically startrek-homepage long after the final episode of Voyager and the on-going filmings of Enterprise:

Holodeck - The generic name, especially in use aboard Federation starships,
for the "smart" virtual reality system as evolved by the 2360s a technology that combines
transporter, replicator, and holographic systems.

Source: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/library/technology/article/105222.html

The other timeline does not agree with that and the well known holodeck is known very longer. Once again 1st season of TNG must be forgotten in that StarTrek-universe....

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