In the original timeline the holodeck is a new technology in 2364, which must be shown Dr. Crusher and the historian Dr. Whalen by Captain Picard.

In the StarTrek-universe of Voyager we are told in the episode "Once Upon A Time", that Kathryn Janeway was six years old, when she flooded the enchanted Forest of Forever in the children's series of educational holo-adventures called 'The Adventures Of Flotter.

Janeway's birthyear is not known... but she took command of the Intrepid class starship USS Voyager in 2371. And in 2365 she was critiqued on tactical procedures by the Vulcan Tuvok. The actress of Janeway was 40 years old in the 1st season of Voyager.

Therefore the captain was maybe born 2331? (usually we can read about Janeways birhday "May 20, 233?")

Janeways adventures for children on the holodeck must have been common sometimes arround 2337...

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