In TNG Up the Long Ladder, you can see more informations about Earth's expedition to the Ficus-sector on a computer display. As for Nomad, which start date was given on a computer display in TOS: The Changeling, these information is widely accepted. In another episode could be found exact information about the Charybdis. Nowadays these graphics were called "okudagrams" by the fans - named for Michael Okuda, the designer of the graphics. He also made the LCARS-design. It is the same Okuda, who made the new (in my opinion false) chronology. But he did not use the texts from his graphics. Why?

They did not fit in his work - but they fit in this timeline. They clearly show, that there was no Starfleet before 2160, because we can find a Sowjet Ship (Voenno Kosmicheski) called VK Velikan. After the founding of the United Federation of Planets there is the SpaceShip Hatteras and the "DEV Eagle Valley".

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