2364: Launch of Galaxy-Class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, Captain Jean-Luc Picard commanding. Commander Will Riker is assigned as her First Officer from an appointment on the "USS Hood" under Captain DeSoto. En route to Farpoint Station, Enterprise encounters a member of a race of god-like beings known as the Q.
  • Commander William T. Riker is 32 years old (p.14) 2364-32=2332 or 2331
  • US-Marines (Uniforms from ca. 1980) are (ca.) of the time 400 years ago (p.24)
  • Mid 21. century ...In some areas, populations must resort to controlling their military with drugs, known as the "Fourth World Mercenaries" (p.27 & 49)
  • 2036: The United Nations establish that "No Earth Citizen can be held responsible for the crimes of his race or forebearers". (p.52)
  • 2079: The New United Nations are abolished.
  • 2284: Emergency Ship Separation System first actually used by a starship.
  • Admiral Leonhard H. McCoy is 137 years old (p. ???) 2364-137=2227 or 2226
  • Picard says: "I already know about the activities of the Ferengi for more than 25 years" (p.117)
  • "The Federation found the first reference to the Ferengi approximately 50 years ago. Their alliance works with political and economical pressure and suffocates independence efforts in the germ with military forces." (p.118)
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